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Welcome to Lubemax Filters

We stand tall on our efficient manufacturing facilities which enable us to come up with excellent quality output in the required time sphere. Our manufacturing unit is filled with a impregnation unit which allows us to produce a variety of papers at minimum cost.
Morever, we are also equipped with necessary machines for manufacturing machines for manufacturing PVC adhesive and perforated sheet components used in filters, due to this, we save a lot of time and money which could have been used in procuring the raw material . We are also equipped with various sophisticated machines which are essential in the efficient manufacturing of our filters.

The various machines we use are the follows:

Paper Coating Machine
Paper Pleating Machine
Paper Cutting Machine
Paper Slitting Machine
Rolling Machine
Spot Welding Machines
Automated Dispensing
Wrapping Machines
Seaving Machine
Leak Testing Machine
Drying Machine
Power Press Machine
Powder Coating Plant
We also have a design unit along with our manufacturing unit which enables us to come up with a superior range of filters.