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Welcome to Lubemax Filters

Lubemax was founded in the year 1990, its origin was very humble, with only a handful of dedicated workman manually producing around 200 filters per day and covering a range of just 10 applications.
Today, with a production capacity over 42 million pcs per annum, Lubemax is better known as a brand leader in India. It manufacture filters for cummins engines , kirloskar engines, & earthmoving filters as per sample filters. Our productions units are at New Delhi & Pune.


Evolution means different things for different people. For Lubemax it has always meant growth in its customer satisfaction index through its products and unremitting services to its customers since its inception in the year 1990.Lubemax has striven to develop unique business models based on a futuristic approach to business.
This was the vision with which Mr.S.K.S.Osahan set out on the journey of Lubemax producing just over 200 filters per day in its early days. Today it produces over 42 million pcs per annum and is a acclaimen leader in the Indian Filter Industry. Lubemax, range of Oil, Air Fuel, and hydraulic filters have gained world wide accceptance by various OEMs and after market customers.
The filters manufactured at Lubemax share a common bond of trust durability and performance and find application in multifarious segments like automobiles agriculture , Industrial, Small Engines, earthmoving.
Technically equipped with most modern machgines and processes , the company has three (3) contemprory manufacturing units in New Delhi, and at Hosur near Lubemax R&D centre located at its corpporate office in New Delhi is recognised by the department of Science & Technology Government of India and is meticulously involved in the task of coming up with the futuristic solutions for its customers.
ISO 16949 certified company , Lubemax is supported by a team of more than 450 professionals who share the same winning attitude and commitment to excel , a globally competetive company , Lubemax is exporting more than 35% of its total produce.

Oil Filters:

The function of oil filters is to prevent contaminants which may be contained in the lubericating oil from reaching sensitive engine parts without restricting normal oil flow. The internal source of contamination include wear products from the rubbing surfaces on engine, blow by gases, leaking from the rings of the pistons and degradation of oil itself.
The presence of foreign mattter in the piston rings areas can seriously decrease their efficiency resulting in loss of engine performance.The most important job of oil is to lubericate the engine's moving parts, dirty oil wears out these parts much faster.
Oil filters should be replaced along with the oil as the new oil can pick up the contaminants trapped in old oil filter and re-circulate them to engine's moving parts , frequent oil and filter changes are an effective and economic way to increase engine life.

Fuel Filter:

In case of diesel engines, the need of effective diesel fuel filteration is essential to protect the highly sophisticated fuel pump and injection equipment . Fine and coarse filters are needed to keep fuel flowing under the toughest conditions.
The most damaging contaminants to fuel injection system are abrasive particles. The critical areas for wear in the pump are delivery valve and pumping elements.
Water as well as dirt can be present in diesel fuel and this can have very disastrous effect on fuel injection pump.
Lubemax diesel fuel filters are designed to remove all the contaminants from fuel . All the fuel must pass through the filter before it goes to fuel injection system.

Air Filters:

The quantity of air used by internal combustion engine is very vast.The possibility of inducting a considerable mass of solid contaminants from the atmosphere is very high. The Air filter removes carbon , abrasive and other contaminants from air before it mixes with fuel in the engine system.
If allowed to get inside the engine , such particles can damage cylinder walls , piston and piston rings. Lubemax air filters lengthen engine life, prevent engine wear and give better fuel economy.

Hydraulic Filters:

Our product line ranges from high to medium and low pressure hydraulic filters , hydraulic filters deliver positive protection against contamination giving you predictable reliability for your hydraulic systems and components.